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New series begins November, 2017:


The spectacular scenery and craggy beaches draw tourists to the small Oregon town of Sunset Bay. But Sanctuary Ranch offers a different kind of experience: a refuge for people—and animals—desperate for a new beginning . . .

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Haylee Hansen has made a career out of caring for and training the dogs and horses on her aunt’s ranch. Part halfway house, part work camp, it also gives troubled kids and adults the tough love they so desperately need. Haylee should know. She was her aunt’s first success story. But now her turbulent past is about to show up on her doorstep… 

After thirteen years running a level one emergency room in Portland, Dr. Aiden McCall arrives in Sunset Bay a broken man. Anger and anxiety have nearly taken over his life—and could sabotage his new job at the local hospital. Until someone proposes an unconventional solution: a therapy dog. 
Haylee has seen her share of damaged people, but no one like Aiden. As she tries to match him with the perfect dog, he’ll help her to see that no one has a perfect life. And that opening yourself up to love is the only way to heal your soul . . .

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Nestled among the forests and coves that dot the Oregon coast, Sanctuary Ranch is a home for strays—both human and animal—and the starting off point for second chances . . .
After aging out of the California foster care system, Jamie Vaughn found her place in the world at Sanctuary Ranch in Sunset Bay. But other lost souls are not so lucky, so she’s made it her mission to rescue those that cross her path—like the injured pup she just found. The man he belongs to is obviously an unfit owner, so she’s just going to ignore the address on the dog’s tag. She has more important things on her mind, like roping her handsome coworker, Gideon, out of the friend zone and into helping her . . .
Head wrangler Gideon Low knows that Jamie’s bark is worse than her bite, despite her rough exterior. In fact, he’s determined to protect her from her too-tender heart, even if it means returning the not-so-homeless puppy—and putting some distance between them. But sooner or later, Gideon’s best intentions will turn on him. And he’ll learn that he’s not the only one with secrets—and that the love of your life can be right under your nose . . .

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