• “It’s reassuring to have a strong day, especially after a few rough ones, and now I’ve had two strong days in a row.”

    That’s EXACTLY what I want to hear! Keep it up!

    Jeremy H.


    May 08, 2011
    • Thanks, Jeremy!

      May 08, 2011
  • Hello Roxanne – was fun to talk to you today! I really wanted to comment about the mystery of painful muscles etc and why – oh why??!! It is my belief that as we continue to pursue this energy pathway and slowly “peel the onion” that old injuries/pain surface for healing so smile Miss Roxanne – you’re getting somewhere….wholeness is the game! Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability – Namaste C

    April 08, 2011
    • Thanks, Claire, that’s so encouraging and I believe you are right about those persistent pains… it’s a lifelong journey, isn’t it? I need to drop in more often, I think!!

      April 08, 2011

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