• Is it wrong of me that my sympathies are all for you and Ray? Because come on. Dog butt smell. INFECTED dog butt smell. I’m grossed out just typing it. Okay, poor Myshkin. His nose is better than yours. Then again, dogs like gross smells.

    January 05, 2015
    • THANK you! I didn’t want to say it myself, but… yes, I’m suffering greatly. Someone should send me flowers and wine and a spa gift certificate. Only me, though. I have a bionic nose. My husband smells nothing.

      January 06, 2015
  • Awww poor Myshi! Sparta was treated to a dear legbone at Christmas and it really irritated her anal glands. I was thisclose to following some internet instructions for helping them express but yikes no one wants to get friendly with my GSD’s butt, let alone me. A few days of discomfort and fortunately she felt better, I was dreading the vet visit almost as much as attempting it myself.

    January 04, 2015
    • I’m glad Sparta’s feeling better… sometimes “scooting” will express the glands naturally, but if not, get a vet to do it. An infection can blow up overnight, and trust me, no one wants that.

      January 04, 2015
  • Patty Degmetich

    Poor Myshkin ! Feel so sorry for him. Hope things start getting better real soon for him. 🙂

    January 04, 2015

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